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All About Buggy Boot Camp it!

Buggy Boot Camp it is yet another brain child of health and fitness expert Brett Bowen. As a pre/post natal exercise specialist through the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Brett realised that there were no real exercise solutions for new mums that allowed them to be outside and exercising without the need of baby care. Having already successfully set up DNA Boot Camp it Brett saw a need to be able to provide a new and improved fitness solution for new mums. One that allowed them to receive expert supervision and guidance yet be outside with their babies achieving and believing and so, Buggy Boot Camp it was born.

DNA Fitness believes in a structured and scientific approach to fitness and Buggy Boot Camp it is no exception

Brett is not only a national award-winning trainer but DNA has won national awards for its continued commitment to charity involvement. Brett has a clear passion about getting people outside and fit. "Mother natures gym is the biggest and best there is. The feeling of exercising outside in the fresh air is second to none and if my instructors and I can provide this to people in a professionally executed manor I believe that is good value in its self... let alone the amazing results our clients see!"

Buggy Boot Camp it see these classes as more than simply an opportunity for mums to regain there fitness but also as a great way to socialise and meet like minded people with the same desire to get out and get fit. It will act as a place to build relationships, share ideas and even organised the occasional play date, be it for the babies or the mums!

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